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Matller took part in forum SmartAgro

Previous working week was rather productive for our company. We visited two industrial event in Moscow.

At Federal IT forum SmartAgro we presented the solution Morigan.Lean that allows you to increase employee’s efficiency.

The second exhibition which we visited was GoldAutum. “Golden Autumn” is the main agricultural forum of the country for over 20 years, the best traditions of All-Union Agricultural Exhibition and developing modern technology exhibition business in agribusiness. At this exhibition we also presented our solution Morigan.Lean. Moreover, Morigan.Safe was also interested by visitors.

We thank the organizers of SmartAgro and Golden autumn for the opportunity to develop in the creation of innovative solutions and help companies become more efficient; participants and visitors we thank for their interest to our solutions.

Cherkizovo puts AI at work in a poultry plant

Mosselprom, part of Cherkizovo Group, has signed an agreement with Russia’s Matller to pilot the innovative Morigan.Lean solution at its conveyor line.

Artificial Intelligence solution developed by Matller for conveyor line in poultry processing plant is going to be tested at Mosselprom unit. The solution is designed to increase manual labor efficiency on the conveyor for sorting and packing chicken legs. Morigan.Lean will provide objective measurable metrics of individual productivity to facilitate better employee management and motivation.Matller’s solution is based on computer vision technology and neural networks.

The system works as follows: several cameras are mounted over the packing table. A barcode that is registered in the system is placed on the employee headwear. The camera takes account of the number of tray packs assembled by each employee per shift and generates a report. This makes it possible to pay employees based on their individual productivity. Consequently, the system motivates employees to perform better and deliver higher productivity.

Evgeny Tetenkin, Managing Director of Matller, said that partnership with Cherkizovo Group was of major importance for Mattler. “The introduction of Morigan.Lean at Mosselprom will help keep track of individual employee productivity, provide additional motivation for the personnel, and increase the overall labor productivity without hiring new staff. On top of that, in places where Morigan.Lean has already been implemented it has helped to reduce employee training time and expedite achievement of standard performance indicators by as much as three times”.

The pilot project is an important milestone in the digitalization of the company and the industry as a whole, according to Roman Isichenko, Head of Slaughter and Processing at Cherkizovo Group’s Poultry Management Company.


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